What is Automatic Call Distributer?

Automatic Call Distributer is known as ACD system in short and it is a telephony system used to handle inbound calls, ACD is designed to receive incoming calls from the provider can be VOIP/PSTN etc and distributes the call to the available agents as per the selected ring strategy.
ACD is supports built incall recording, IVR, After office hour configuration, Time Conditions, Announcements, Call Queues and many more features. ACD handles the call smartly when IVR is configured and send the calls to the available agent as per the configuration done.

Automatic Call Distributer

What are the benefits of using Automatic Call Distributer?

ACD is the most selling product for inbound call centres and having huge demand in the inbound call center industry where customer care or office type of setup is required to handle the calls, The major and important features of the ACD are defined below.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the smart way to handle the inbound calls, when the calls comes in the system, its answered by the system and greeting message will be played and after the greetings various options will pe given to the user to press as per the desired information in required by him, Once the user press any key the system gives the desired information to the user or connects the call to the agent who can provide this required information.

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Time Conditions img
Time Conditions

Time conditions is the special feature of the ACD system this system allows to configure time conditions like if the call comes after the working hours, then the inbound call can be handled in different manner like disconnect the call or to play any message or to transfer the calls on mobile also.

Call Queuing

Some times in a customer care call flow increases due to the new offer or any other reason but the number of agents are less to receive the calls, so to handle this situation ACD has call queuing feature which works if all agents are busy on call and the extra calls will be answeredby the ACD and waiting in the queue for the agents to get available and respond the call, to avoid confusion during this queue period we can play a customer message to the customer like “Please be on line, our all the executives are busy attending other customers, your call will be answered shortly.”

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Call recording

All the calls in the system will be recorded with complete CDR’s so that in case of any requirement calls details and its recording can be retrieved.