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Call Center Solutions

In Call Center Industry it is a big challenge to generate leads and increase the performance of your agents, and every call center wants to generate more leads in less manpower. As its well known that the vision of Cozy Vision is to automate every business to its highest performance, we have introduced our range of Call Center Solutions to automate this process.
Cozy Vision is helping more then 1000’s of call centres in achieving their targets with its range of their Call Center Solutions.

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Call Center Dialer

A call dialer is an application that automates the process of dialing numbers in call centers. Unlike manual dialing, it automatically dials the phone numbers pertaining to a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents. A call center dialer, also known as an outbound dialer, connects the customer to either an IVR or to a live call center representative, thereby increasing the call connect ratio and agent talk time. The right dialer software for the call center is much more than just an automatic dialing solution, as it brings intelligence and analytical insights to the outbound calling process to enhance call center efficiency and improve agent productivity.

Call Center Dialer

Phone is still the most widely used channel for sales development and companies use cold calling as a strategy to generate leads in both (B2B and B2C) scenarios. The more the number of prospects being reached, the higher the lead generation rate.


In today’s digital times, businesses are exploring various digital channels as well to generate leads, and these web leads are then reached out via phone for further qualification, nurturing, and closure. Lead response time is a crucial factor in determining the lead conversion rate.


An integrated outbound dialer allows the agent to have contextual conversations as all the relevant customer data is available using CTI and CRM integration. At the same time, the agents can update customer details in real-time and the same will be pushed to the CRM. This increases sales conversions.


Every business needs to promote its offerings to existing and prospective customers for better Sales. And also for improving their products and services, they need feedback from their customer base. A robust call center dialer helps to reach out to a vast customer base efficiently and quickly.

Categories of Our Call Center Solutions

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer is a family member of Call Center Solutions and is being used in call centres to dial the list of numbers, Basically Predictive Dialer is Outbound Calling System that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers, much like autodialers or robodialers until it detects a connection, then passes the call to live agent. Dialer screen out Busy Signals, Voicemails, No-answers, disconnected numbers and so on.

So what sets Predictive dialer apart from other automatic dialers?
Their ability to utilize call metrics to predict the moment when human agents will be available to make the next call. Which means they time their auto dialing to run in parallel with the availability of the agents. If a call center is busy, and lots of agents are having conversations, the predictive dialer will slowdown or stop its outreach until it knows that agents are nearing the end of calls.
Who Uses Predictive dialer?
Predictive dialers are routinely used in telemarketing, market research, debt collection, and customer service follow-up. In addition, some lead qualification agents use predictive dialers to maximize the amount of time they can spend on the phone with leads during outbound sales prospecting.
How Effective Are Predictive Dialers?
There are various reports on the effectiveness of predictive dialers. When phone utilization is a primary concern, predictive dialers have been shown to deliver dramatic results. One study showed that predictive dialers can improve agent productivity by 200 to 300 percent.

Progressive Dialer covers the middle ground between preview and Predictive Dialer, Progressive Dialer dials the numbers in the contact list but allows agent to listen all the call progress tones like number busy, switch off, call waiting, ringing etc. On the other end, it connects the agent before it dials to the customer.

progressive Dialer

So, what sets Progressive Dialer apart from Predictive Dialer?
The major difference between predictive and progressive Dialer is their ability to let the agents listen the call progress tonesand the number of calls made by progressive Dialer per available agent, Predictive Dialer makes multiple calls per available agent but progressive Dialer makes only one call.
Who uses Progressive Dialer?
Progressive Dialer are used in any vertical, for telemarketing, customer service, sales, collections, or any other environment that requires to make outbound calls from a list and does not want to saddle their call center agents with actual number of calls.
How Effective Are Progressive Dialers?
As the dialing ratio of the progressive dialer is less then the predictive dialer its less effective and not recommended for such call center where agents need to dial hundreds of calls from the list. So the call centres having low call volumecan implement Progressive dialer.
What are the Benefits of Progressive Dialer?
The major benefit of Progressive Dialer is the lesser abandoned calls, As we know that the Progressive Dialer dials one call per available agent ,so its almost impossible that the call will be missed.

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer is the calling system which allows agents to view the customers available information before dialing the number and when agent clicks on dial button the call will start connecting.
So, what sets Preview Dialer apart from Predictive Dialer and Progressive Dialer?
The Major and only difference between Preview and other Dialers is their ability to allow Call Center agents to Preview the call information available in the system before dialling the call and agent needs to click on the dial button to connect the call.

Who uses Preview Dialer?
While all businesses (small, mid-sized, and large) can benefit from using autodialing software and preview dialers, they may be particularly helpful for outbound contact centers with complex sales campaigns where customer research is typically required before making phone calls.
How Effective Are PreviewDialers?
Preview dialers are very effective and recommended in those call centres where customer research is necessary and the call centres that are not having complex sales are not recommended to use such type of dialers.
What are the Benefits of Preview Dialer?
Preview dialer is having many benefits over using other dialing methods.

  • Fewer Dropped calls.
  • No Delays in the call connection that are common in other dialing methods.
  • Increased agents Performance and efficiency
  • Improved customer engagement.
  • Empowers the agents with critical background of the prospect customer and to have more meaningful conversation and close the deal.

Manual Dialer As the name indicates that the manual Dialer is the traditional and basic dialing software which allows agents to dial the numbers manually after one another.
The call centres who needs to dial very less calls can use such dialing system and the agents can dial the calls when ever they want directly from their system.

Manual Dialer
Robo Dialer

Robo Dialer is a software system that allows simultaneous calls with the pre-recorded voice message to many peoples at the same time.Robo Dialer dials the numbers from the contact list and plays the recorded message to the recipient when the call is answered by the live person on the other end.

Robo dialer can be configured to play the recorded voice message or the text to speech audio generate by the system out of your text. These messages can also be personalized based on the available customers information, this calling system also supports IVR integration, Realtime campaign monitoring, detailed call logs, scheduling call campaigns etc.
Who uses Robo Dialer?
The Businesses who conduct surveys, send reminders, drive promotions, conducts political campaigns are commonly uses Robodialer.
How Effective Are RoboDialers?
Robo Dialers are very effective where we need to broadcast our message to many audiences with zero man power and only recommended to those businesses who are engaged with political campaigns, conduct surveys, drive promotions etc.
What are the Benefits of Robo Dialer?
Major benefit of Robo dialer is its ability to send your voice message to many numbers of audience in one go and for that you don’t need any live agent to attend the customer.